My «On Air» experience on BBC Radio 3 «In Tune» program, 22/03/2016

I became overexcited when Ruth Knight from Rebecca Driver Media Relations rang me up last week to tell that I had been invited for an interview and performance on BBC Radio 3 as a part of their wonderful “In Tune” program.

Dinara at BBC R3

Having previously heard a number of great artists talking and playing on that occasion, I find the idea of this program very interesting, lively and fresh, and am extremely honoured that now I have been a part of it. My appearance was scheduled around 6’o’clock news, so I played Liszt’s “Paysage” just before the news, then “Feux follets” and Etude No. 10 after, with an interview between them, conducted by Sarah Walker. Frankly talking, the importance of the moment had made me feel a bit anxious, as it was my first time talking “On Air” in English to an English audience. Also, to me personally, being live-broadcast while playing on a concert and competition feels same as a usual performance, but doing something for a sole purpose of live-transmission was slightly different. I utterly enjoyed this new brilliant experience, and have to say that it wouldn’t have happened unless I was blessed to have had a great support. The Philip Loubser Foundation awarded me with the prestigious Benjamin Britten Fellowship for my Artist Diploma in Performance course at the RCM and made it possible to realise a project of my dream, which was the Transcendental Etudes’ recording. The City Music Foundation, an artist of which I have been since 2014, has been providing me with the tools and knowledge that are necessary for a musician today — whether it was networking, financial and legal knowledge, etc.. The CMF has also been helping me to promote the CD, to build up my online profile — as a result I’m now lucky to have this new smart chic version of my website; the pictures for it were taken by Benjamin Ealovega on the photo-shoot, which was also supported by the CMF. I cannot thank everybody enough for their assistance and faith in me, which keeps me happy and inspired!

The podcast is available to listen until the 20th of April. Listen here